This page outlines some guidelines for adding characters to Nsibidi Wiki.

Character CreationEdit


See SIL FLEx taxonomy.


  • Use the character template provided here: Helpful files#Adobe_Illustrator_Files
    • Dimensions: 415 x 475 pixels
    • File type: PNG/SVG (Until SVG is supported by all browsers, PNG images only)
    • Background: transparent
  • Please link to the original vector file in the description of the image (e.g. *.ai, *.svg)


Character StatusEdit

Each character must be placed in the appropriate character status category:

Semantic DomainEdit

Refer to the SIL FLEx taxonomy for a list of semantic categories.


For the time being, dictionary categories need to be added manually, with an asterisk (*) after the definition.

Example: 72321-10 is in categories come*, chu*, and bya*

See alsoEdit

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